Will Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor get married? Here’s what their horoscope predicts

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt surprised everyone when they walked in together for Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja’s wedding reception party. With this one move, they confirmed that they are official, ending months of media speculations and rumours. We loved the fact that they made no bones about it and happily posed and preened for the cameras together, stealing the limelight from everyone else on the red carpet. And why wouldn’t they? They are young, in love, and they also look good together – what’s not to love?

Both Ranbir and Alia were nursing a broken heart when they met, having ended their respective relationships recently. It is not really surprising that they found each other when they did. But it made us wonder as to how compatible they are. And so we dug our astrology books a little and conjured up the good ol’ Linda Goodman to shed some light on this alliance. Here’s what the stars had to say…

Soft, dreamy and womanly are how the famous astrologer defines a Pisces woman and we have to quite agree with her. Alia has a certain charm about her which is undeniable. Both onscreen and even off it, Alia comes across as a gentle and calm person, with whom you would want to sit on the rooftop at night and have long conversations with. Another important trait of the Pisces woman is that they adapt very easily to conflicting situations. If you look at Alia, she makes of light of every situation. For example, when she was made fun of for her folly on Karan Johar’s show, she didn’t let it get to her and instead shot for a funny video, laughing it all off. Such a sport!

Libran men, quite like the Piscean woman, are born charmers. They will literally win you over by a mere smile. And when it comes to Ranbir, there is no denying that. Right from the time he stormed into our hearts, dancing to Saawariya, we have been singing praises. Linda says that Librans are the ones who have invented romance and that they are synonymous with love. Ranbir’s courteous ways and chivalrous manners makes us believe he, too, is a romantic at heart.

Considering that both the signs are such charmers, it is not difficult to see why Ranbir and Alia fell for each other. Alia, as we know, always had a huge crush on Ranbir and was also quite vocal about it. Ranbir, on the other hand, was always appreciative of her talents. Both signs are also all about balance. While Libra is represented by a pair of weighing scales, Pisces is denoted by a pair of fishes, going in opposite direction but maintaining equilibrium. So, keeping things in perfect order is of prime concern for them. And they will always follow the social order of things, which explains why they made an official public appearance so early on in their relationship.

However, Linda says that the two want different things in life. While the Pisces will want freedom, the Libra might want to settle down to keep the balance intact. So, when it comes to marriage, there will be a difference of opinion. But if only they can work things out, theirs will be a healthy relationship. They can work a middle way out wherein the Libra gets his roots and Pisces is allowed to fly. They will be admired wherever they go since their combined charm will be irresistible. Now, we know this part already since we can’t take our eyes off the pictures of Ranbir-Alia from Sonam’s reception party.

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