Ranbir Kapoor’s fans aged 15 years and below in Great Britain won’t be able to watch Sanju – here’s why

Yes,  this is a sad news for all the young Ranbir Kapoor fans in Great Britain. For the ones who think our Censor Board is pretty harsh on our movies and doesn’t justify such a huge responsibility, have a look at what Great Britain Censor Board has to say about Sanju. As per the recent reports in TOI, fans below 15 years of age won’t be allowed to watch Sanju in Britain, but the reason is valid enough. The reason given by the British Board Of Film Certification for barring children and teenagers under 15 from seeing ‘Sanju’ is “drug references, drug misuse, infrequent strong sex references.” Also Read: Sanju movie review: Ranbir Kapoor gives his career best performance in a film that attempts to glorify Sanjay Dutt

The irony here is the fact that Indian Censor Board has issued a U/A certificate to the film. This further means that the audiences above the age group of 12 can go for the film by themselves, and the ones below, can go to watch it in a theatre as long as they are being accompanied by an adult. But guess the United Kingdom Censor Board feels the film is too harsh for their audiences. In the United Kingdom, the film has been rated ‘15’ which is to say, non-adults below the age of 15 are not allowed to see ‘Sanju’ in Great Britain. Sigh! Also Read: Madhuri Dixit, Richa Sharma, Rhea Pillai: 5 important people in Sanjay Dutt’s life that are missing in Sanju

The Indian Censor Board, however, had an opinion that the toilet scene from the prison in the movie should be chopped off by the makers. They were of an opinion that anything that’s disgraceful for our country should not be highlighted in the films at least. However, Hirani and the makers of Sanju have retained the very scene in the film and it’s not edited out. So don’t be surprised if you see that infamous scene in the movie.

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