Neha Kakkar’s rumoured boyfriend Himansh Kohli blasts trolls for their narcissist and inhuman attitude

Neha Kakkar’s rumoured boyfriend Himansh Kohli blasts trolls for their narcissist and inhuman attitude

Neha Kakkar took to Instagram a few days back to slam those who trolled her for excessively crying on Indian Idol. The singer had broken down on the show after coming to know that her former guru had passed away. The news left her rather emotional and she wept buckets. The petite singer is known to be sensitive and gets moved easily. In her Insta post, she told her haters that she was a girl with a heart and not ’emotionless’ like them. Neha said that she likes to help out people as and when possible and she would not change her nature for anyone. Today, her rumoured boyfriend Himansh Kohli took to Instagram to lambast everyone who poked fun at Neha. He said that he would not have reacted had the comments not been so objectionable. If the pictures are anything to go by, the two are now holidaying together in California. (Also Read: Trolled for crying, Neha Kakkar lashes out at haters saying she is a girl with a heart)

Lately, I have been noticing a lot of distasteful trolling against @nehakakkar . I would have never said this in public if it was just a humorous act. What disgusts me is that people themselves don’t want to support a cause. And then they don’t leave any stone unturned to stop someone from doing so. If these trollers think that they can hide their ignorance and inhuman attitude beneath objectionable jokes, they are wrong. In the era where most are narcissists, it is hard to find a selfless person like her. She has worked very hard to become who she is today and to maintain it, is another task. Nehuu, don’t let anything affect the best person I know. Your success, your care, your love, speaks louder than a few jokers. Keep inspiring us all. Love, #Heeman ❤️ #NehaKakkar #Himanshkohli #StopTrolling #BadTrolls

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The two were rumoured to be dating from the time they sent cute posts to each on Valentine’s Day week. Sources said that they had started dating from the beginning of the year. They also did a video Humsafar together. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more updates!

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