Naagin 3 24 June 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela reveals her real identity, vows to kill Mahir

If last night’s episode was too high on drama, tonight’s was a step ahead in fact. Till date, we assumed Vish is the real villain in this third season and she would harass Bela for her own benefits. But our assumptions were completely wrong. Tonight’s episode of Naagin 3 revealed Bela’s real identity and her connection with Vish. The episode starts with Mahir coming to the purani haveli to find Bela after her disappearance from the party. He finds Rehaan there and he informs Mahir, Bela is nowhere to be seen. Mahir thinks, she must be at the reception venue and asks Rehaan to live with him. Rehaan who know Vish is a Naagin is still confused with all the turn of the events. He asks Mahir to go ahead and he’ll join him later. Later he goes back to the haveli to search Bela.

When he enters the haveli, he finds Bela who’s pretending that she doesn’t she know what she’s doing in haveli in the first place. He tries to make her remember about how Vish tried to kill her with a knife. Bela still continues to pretend and suddenly takes her Naagin avatar. Rehaan is shocked to see her new avatar and starts running for his life. Meanwhile, Vish comes from the other side and makes it impossible for him to run away. We then realise Vish and Bela are in fact together and they are friends. Bela is Naagrani and Vish is her daasi. After Rehaan manages to run away from these Naagins, Vish reveals how it was an honour to serve her Naagrani. But Bela corrects her saying she’s her good friend and being Naagrani doesn’t change anything. The ladies then follow Rehaan with a mission to kill him tonight.

On a secluded bridge, they force Rehaan to get out of his car and later attack him. We see few glimpses from the past where Mahir, Rehaan, Yuvi and their friends tried to harass Karishma Tanna and kill her love, Naagraj. Bela reveals how these boys ruined her entire life in one night by killing her Vikrant and even taking away her face from her. She reveals how she got this new face and why she holds a grudge against their entire family. She also thanks Vish for helping her take the vengeance and protecting her when it was needed. They kill Rehaan and now target Mahir.

Later Mahir is seen having a conversation with his mother where she apologises for asking him to marry Bela. He consoles her saying he’s fine and there’s no reason for her to be sad.

In next week’s episode, you will see Bela trying to kill Mahir in their room on their first night together. But there’s also a risk. There are chances that Mahir might see her as a Naagin if her skin doesn’t get back to normal. She waits for the clock to strike 12:00 but Mahir enters the room before that.

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