If Sonam Kapoor’s Rs 90 lakh wedding ring wasn’t enough, she even got a customised mangalsutra made – read details

If Sonam Kapoor’s Rs 90 lakh wedding ring wasn’t enough, she even got a customised mangalsutra made – read details

We should expect everything extraordinary from Sonam Kapoor, right? The actress who tied the knot with beau Anand Ahuja in a lavish ceremony last week wanted her wedding to be a dreamy affair. With elegant attires and customised jewellery, Sonam wanted everything fine as per her personal taste. She didn’t hesitate to splurge exorbitantly and why should she? She’s a fashionista of Bollywood and getting married to an entrepreneur whose net worth is approximately 3,000 crore. Their nuptials could be in fact well described as the perfect example of the big fat Indian wedding. Though the couple wanted a destination wedding, Sonam’s granny was in no position to travel. Hence the Neerja actress decided to keep it simple but grand at the same time. (Irony, right?). Also Read: Cannes 2018: Sonam Kapoor flaunts some hubby love at the French Riviera

We did know, Sonam splurged like crazy on her wedding trousseau but a customised mangalsutra and an engagement ring worth whopping Rs 90 lakhs is something we were clueless about. Yes, you read it right. As per reports, the actress’ wedding ring costs Rs 90 lakhs and she even wanted a their sun signs on her mangalsutra. So Anand ensured that he gets it just right for his ladylove. The custom – made holy mangalsutra has their sun signs – Sonam’s Gemini and Anand’s Leo on each side of the solitare that’s placed in between. Now that’s definitely a royal taste and we bet she has set some new standards for all the future brides to be. Also Read: Cannes 2018: Forget her outfits, Sonam Kapoor’s bonding with Mahira Khan is getting all the attention

But hey, she didn’t just pick a customised mangalsutra for her D-day. Even the footwear that she wore from Jimmy Choo had something special embedded on it. Sonam opted for Jimmy Choo’s made-to-order service to just to add ‘A♡S’ initials to all her bespoke ‘sole’mates. Yes you read it right! Every shoe and sandal of Sonam for the ceremonies, has those initials on them. Her picks—all flats, no heels—include the red crystal-studded Lancer flats (for the wedding day), the true-to-form Cinderella Attila pointy toe flats, the three-strap Naia sandals and the open-toed Granger flats with a crystal buckle. Now that’s the reason we call her fashionista, right?

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