Deadpool 2: 25 thoughts that popped into my head while watching Ranveer Singh’s dubbed version

So, Deadpool 2 has been watched in Hindi. The movie offers truckloads of humour delivered by Ranveer Singh’s voice. Yes, the Indian superstar has dubbed for Ryan Reynolds for the desi version of the film. Usually, Indian dubbing for Hollywood films can go horribly wrong *cough* Avengers: Infinity War *cough*.

But kudos to the team behind Deadpool 2 for they sail the boat with utmost ease. This was probably the first time I enjoyed watching a Hindi dubbed film so bloody much. Well, while there was nothing of importance going through my head while watching Deadpool 2 in Hindi because I was so busy laughing, here a few things that you might find interesting. On top of my head, you know…

1. I hope they have not ruined the film with the Hindi dubbing

2. Ranveer Singh’s voice is not going with the movie

3. The joke was funny though

4. Haha! I can’t believe Ranveer just made references to Padmaavat and Bajirao Mastani

5. Ranveer’s voice is SO going with Deadpool

6. I could have totally played Deadpool

7. I could not have even played Dopinder properly

8. But Ranveer is nailing it as Deadpool

9. The action stunts are insane!

10. Ranveer is cracking way too many jokes on Bollywood

11. Aag Laga Dega! Aag Laga Dega! I am going to laugh at this joke for days to come!

12. BWAHAHA! Did Ranveer just call him Gareebo ka Tony Stark? The Hindi Deadpool is so on point

13. I am so glad I came to watch the Hindi version

14. I wonder what was this joke like in the English version

15. Did they just poke fun at Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor?

16. Are they really going to call a penis ‘pappu’?

17. I am glad CBFC has become lenient than before.

18. I wish I had the superpower called luck.

19. No one, but Ranveer could have pulled this role off in Bollywood!

20. Wooohooo! That is Swades ka Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi playing in the background!

21. I was really expecting more from the climactic battle!

22. Hell, this is Infinity War all over again!

23. EXACTLY! Why didn’t they do THAT in Infinity War?

24. Should I start a campaign to replace Ryan Reynolds with Ranveer Singh as Deadpool?


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