Bepannaah, 17 May, 2018, show highlights: Zoya gets compelled to wear the mangalsutra given by Aditya

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Aditya bends the words and didn’t tie the mangalsutra around Zoya’s neck. The contractor gets impressed by Aditya’s act and asks Aditya to discuss work. Zoya is unhappy with the contractors but can’t do anything about it.

Zoya is confused whether to fight with Aditya or show gratification to him. Aditya tells that how Zoya has a problem of acting as his wife. Zoya is not ready to accept it. Aditya asks her to go and confess everything.

The contractors are waiting. When Zoya walks in, the contractor is angry. While he is ready to talk with Aditya, Zoya says that she is not Aditya’s wife. Aditya thinks that the contract will get lost now. Zoya remembers how everyone was going through the tension of bankruptcy and bends her words and says that she is also the co-owner of the company. She discusses all with her husband Aditya and then they take the decision. The contractor is angry. His son asks him to chill and give them a chance.

Arjun is sleeping. Mr Hooda, sees him still sleeping and goes to awake him. While going he trips and finds the missing diary under his bed. He remembers how Arjun was hiding it all the time. He understands that Arjun has stolen the diary. But he is confused why Arjun is interested in the diary.

Mr Hooda cancels all his meetings and asks his wife to keep everyone away from the study.

The contractor agrees on giving the company a chance. He asks Aditya why has he given Zoya so much chance. He gives a suggestion to Aditya to keep Zoya away from all. He mentions how his house has women but they don’t have any opinion. While leaving he spots that Zoya has not worn the mangalsutra. Zoya gets compelled to wear the mangalsutra. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 16 May, 2018, show highlights: Will Aditya tie mangalsutra around Zoya’s neck?)

Mr Hooda finds some pages missing from the dairy. He is worried if Arjun has already read it or not. He decides to find them.

The contractor leaves. His daughter-in-law and sons stay back to give the presentation. Bhabi introduces herself and Kalpesh starts giving the presentation. Zoya asks why they want to work in India. Mahi humiliates her. Aditya says she is cute dumb.

Kalpesh gives the presentation. Bhabi spots Mahi getting close with Aditya and how he ignores her. Aditya and Zoya pickup the same bottle and Bhabi spots how Aditya snatches the bottle. Mahi appreciates Kalpesh and Bhabi spots her. She indirectly derogrates Mahi. Bhabi appreciates Aditya’s support for Zoya and indirectly means Mahi as the third person in their relationship.

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