Aamir Khan’s Dangal, PK and now Secret Superstar makes it to the top 5 all-time worldwide grossing films

Aamir Khan’s Dangal, PK and now Secret Superstar makes it to the top 5 all-time worldwide grossing films

Secret Superstar, Aamir Khan‘s latest film is not just a big hit in India but it has also garnered international acclaim! The film has grossed a whopping Rs 874 crores so far and with this, the film has entered the top 5 worldwide highest grossing films of all time. What interesting is, out of the top 5 films, three of them starred Aamir Khan. There’s Dangal that raked in Rs 1908 crore, PK that raked in Rs 831 crore and Secret Superstar! Each of them first fared phenomenally at the Indian Box office and then went on to scale bigger heights internationally, especially in China. With three highest grossing films to his credit, Aamir Khan remains an undisputed star. According to Chinese IMDB, Aamir Khan is a top ranking foreign actor and Dangal is one of the top ranking films. It’s a feat no other star has managed to pull off.

Secret Superstar was about a teenage girl from an orthodox who dreamt of becoming a renowned singer, but her father rubbished her dreams. That’s when a music coach, Shakti Kumar enters the scene and helps her dreams come true. The film starred Zaira Wasim in the lead with Meher Vij playing an incredible supporting character.

Here what our review said about Secret Superstar – Zaira Wasim as Insiya is spot on. She is the star of the film and takes to the role with hunger. There isn’t a single moment or scene in the film where Zaira feels out of sync with her character. When she argues with her mom that the right to have a dream is the most basic human emotion, there is ample conviction in her reasoning. You feel for Zaira when she throws on a burkha to hide her identity because even singing a song is an offence for her dad. Music is an important part of Secret Superstar and the songs do a great job of conveying the right emotion and taking the story ahead. Aamir Khan, as the over the top music composer, Shakti Kumaar, is quite a riot. His self-obsessive one-liners and flirtatious encounters with the fairer sex will leave you in splits.

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